Meet The Doctor

I have been actively learning about and treating ADHD since it was commonly referred to as “minimum brain damage”. Yes, that’s right. In my early days of training, this was an unfortunate label for what we now know to be a neurological pattern that is both a challenge and a gift. ADHD has also come knocking at my family door, with one of my five children and myself learning to live with it (and I guess, everyone else learning to live with it too!).

In my practice of psychology over the years, I have diagnosed and treated many children and adults with ADHD. Gaining an accurate diagnosis is a very important first step since a number of conditions can produce many of the behaviors associated with ADHD. Please refer to the section “What Is ADHD” for a more detailed explanation.

Medication is often recommended to help treat ADHD. You want a consultant who is knowledgeable about these medications to answer your questions and also to understand what to expect if you or your child have received a prescription. With significant knowledge in psychopharmacology and years of experience working closely with physicians, I bring a solid understanding of these drugs.

Behavior change and treatment can be effective with ADHD children and adults. I’ve spent much of my professional life engaged with families in the process of change. Parents of ADHD children must learn what the disorder is, how to deal with their emotions when living with ADHD, and strategies to help. Children must learn what their patterns are, the benefits and challenges of ADHD, and personal strategies for living.  Contact me for the help you need.